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Worker Welfare Watch SDN BHD.

Human resource is an asset of a country. No activities can be done without human touch. All developing countries in the world are investing billions of dollars to develop their human resources.
Millions of investors and tourist are coming to Malaysia to use our development model. Malaysia became an example to the world. Foreign workers are contributing lots to develop our economy. Foreign workers play a vital role in developing any world economy. We cannot ignore their importance, contribution, existence and needs. Malaysia has been on steady growth rate and economic development in pursuit of becoming a developed nation. Unfortunately Malaysia has got limited work force to meet manufacturing, construction, hospitalities and many other industries requirements. Hence the need for foreign workforce legalization and /or re-registration exercise has not been able to solve the problem. All sectors are facing serious shortage of workers. Local workers don’t seem to be interested to work in any of these sectors.

Human resource management, import and export are a delicate, sensitive & complex matter. Developing nations spending huge amount of money around the world to develop and manage human resource. Malaysia is developed nation, facing shortage of human resource in every sector, because she doesn’t have enough workers to meet her development work. The construction, manufacturing, plantation and services grew and developing faster than growth of population. Currently over millions of migrant workers are working in Malaysia and every year Malaysia is importing hundreds of thousands of foreign workers. In addition to that hundreds of thousands, illegal immigrant workers are workings in Malaysia in all sectors. Most of the foreign workers came in from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Philippines and other countries.
Presently few hundred thousand Bangladeshi workers are working in Malaysia at different sectors. Bangladeshi migrant workers became partner of our development activities. They are working in every sector of our economy. Everyday their demand is increasing, majority of the Malaysia employers like them due to their locality, discipline & productivity. On the other side Bangladeshi workers are also very much interested to go to Malaysia for employment. Due to cultural, religion, environment, easy access and similarity, it became popular destination for Bangladeshi workers. Geographically it is nearer to Bangladesh that also a greater reason for Bangladeshi workers to choose to go to Malaysia. Bangladesh and Malaysia Government have a very good bilateral & multilateral relationship form the day of creation of these two nations. Keeping all factors in mind and shortage of workers in all sectors currently faced by Malaysia Employers, recently Malaysia Government decided to take workers from Bangladesh to fulfill their shortage.
To recruit this large numbers of workers from Bangladesh we have to study, observe & think our previous systems & problems as well as present systems & problems including policies, guidelines, currents laws, economical conditions, political situation social environment welfare of the workers and employer human trafficking and experiences. These issues are of utmost importance as because it has turned out to be very sensitive and important to us.

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